What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: Will do, unfortunately not this weekend....

tommiejeep wrote:

My wife has been tied up with one of her charities, my son is away for the weekend and I have a full crew of painters all weekend I will see if I can shoot a match during the week but next weekend for sure .

I did shoot the D7100 for birds this afternoon with the 300 2.8vr and wow, focus fast and some fun shots

The first 3 are out of camera RAW with no PP. Standard Pic Control, Plus 4 sharp, auto ISO, auto WB, Auto ADL (which is how I shoot soccer with the D3S for jpegs). I think the auto WB is better on the D7100 than the D610 (but still an open Q.) but I think the 39pt of the D610 is maybe faster and more positive than the D7100.

This was a quickdraw but big birds are easier . Some PP , same settings

Anyone that knows me will know that shooting small, fast birds is my personal thing. I'll spend some time on these using advice from some long term members. I judge the AF on picking up Kingfishers in full flight so these are not a true test but fun and promising

I think both of these cameras will be fine for soccer. I rarely shoot long bursts these days. The more soccer I shoot the better I am at anticipating the shot I want. I used to try and get the cricket ball hitting the stumps and the bales flying. Then I would use the D3S like a machine gun and still never did get that micro second...very, very close but no cigar ..so I gave up . I am a bit worried about the buffers so will see. The D3S will still be my main camera .

I'll get back to you next week...watch your PMs

Hi Tom check for front focusing.  The little branches extending off the main limb are sharper then the subject  unless af locked on to them.


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