The lure of Full Frame.... These go to Eleven!

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Re: The lure of Full Frame.... These go to Eleven!

WoodWorks wrote:

It's not just the sensor size. As cosmonaut has mentioned, the dynamic range of these cameras is considerably better than any APS-C camera.

Hmm. I ran a quick comparison of the numbers on DXOMark for dynamic range (measured in "Evs") on three current full-frame digital camera:

Leica M Type 240 — 13.3

Nikon D800e — 14.3

Sony DSC-RX1 — 14.3

I compared these to the venerable APS-C camera I have been using for just shy of three years now (Pentax K5). DXOMark says it measured 14.1.

Damn! That keeps happening to me: Every time I start to lusting after a new camera, I have to admit that what I have already is just as good or better or plenty good enough.


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