What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: Will do, unfortunately not this weekend....

My wife has been tied up with one of her charities, my son is away for the weekend and I have a full crew of painters all weekend    I will see if I can shoot a match during the week but next weekend for sure .

I did shoot the D7100 for birds this  afternoon with the 300 2.8vr and wow, focus fast and some fun shots

The first 3 are out of camera RAW with no PP.  Standard Pic Control, Plus 4 sharp, auto ISO, auto WB, Auto ADL (which is how I shoot soccer with the D3S for jpegs).  I think the auto WB is better on the D7100 than the D610 (but still an open Q.) but I think the 39pt of the D610 is maybe faster and more positive than the D7100.

This was a quickdraw but big birds are easier .  Some PP , same settings

Anyone that knows me will know that shooting small, fast birds is my personal thing.  I'll spend some time on these using advice from some long term members.  I judge the AF on picking up Kingfishers in full flight so these are not a true test but fun and promising

I think both of these cameras will be fine for soccer.  I rarely shoot long bursts these days.  The more soccer I shoot the better I am at anticipating the shot I want.   I used to try and get the cricket ball hitting the stumps and the bales flying.  Then I would use the D3S like a machine gun and still never did get that micro second...very, very close but no cigar ..so I gave up .  I am a bit worried about the buffers so will see.  The D3S will still be my main camera .

I'll get back to you next week...watch your PMs

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