A beautiful mua from my shoot

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Thank you for the comments

I crop was deliberate, and at times I prefer a tighter crop so you are drawn into the person more. There is nothing wrong to slightly crop one's head I have done this in many of my photos.

I did not want to tell her sit or stand here, the mua had a great beautiful smile as she looked towards me and this is what you can a candid photo. Every photo does not have to be technically 100% perfect, guys go out and enjoy what you see this is what makes photography fun.

Yes there is lots of space around the makeup artist but like I said it was a quick casual photo where she was holding the reflector for the model. I did not want to get her in a certain location and pose her for the photo. I did not care about the surrounds as the condo walls is mostly white and saw that this would be a good soft look.

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