G6 vs. OM-D/GH3 practical difference

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Re: G6 vs. OM-D/GH3 practical difference

onlooker wrote:

I've read reviews and seen some samples, but depending on the reviewer and methodology, one gets different results (sometimes strikingly so), so I thought I would ask those who own both cameras. If one went by DxOMark, the difference between G6 sensors and sensors in GH3/OM-D would seem dramatic, but their methodology might exaggerate the differences. If you do own G6 and either GH3 or OM-D E-M1/5, how much difference in IQ do you see between those two sensors? How big is the difference in DR? Is the recovery difference mostly in highlights or in shadows, and how much?

The important thing is that with the Gh2 sensor, Panasonic finally caught up with Sony in being able to avoid bad colour blotching and banding in the shadows. And this isn't really something that DXO shows in its tests either.

The end result is that you can do very similar levels of post processing, shadow recovery etc with a GH2/G5/G6 compared to an EM5/GH3. The latter will have a slight edge, but its a slight one (and at base ISO, very difficult to see). Not the very noticeable gulf that there was when comparing to previous 12MP sensors.

Highlight recovery is a function of the exposure and tone curve. Its easier to preserve highlights on an EM5 as it drastically underexposes by default, but you can emulate the same thing on the other cameras if you're shooting RAW.

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