RX100 manual focus usability issue

Started Aug 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
Mr Petr New Member • Posts: 1
Re: RX100 manual focus usability issue

Thank you so very much for the manual focus data (Quick rotate engage).  I have taken 5000 images with the RX 100, many close ups for publication.  I was going to buy another camera until reading your post!  Question, I have difficulty holding the shutter halfway down when using manual focus without either letting up on it or accidentally tripping the shutter.  Suggestions?  Also, I would very much like to connect the ipad to the camera To assist with (real time) close up focus if there is information on how this could be accomplished..  My biggest disappointment with the terrific camera is that I often lose shots due to lack of focus when fairly close to subject.  I am using spot center focus but it often has a mind of its own and the are times in nature where it is not easy to see the screen due to camera placement.

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