Warship with the XZ-1 ( Capture One Raw vs JPG trial )

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Ben O Connor
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Re: Warship with the XZ-1 ( Capture One Raw vs JPG trial )


It seems like a RAW Weekend! Folks You got two in common things with me in this thread:

Ship (War ships in preferance)


Well what is not common with me is Raw photography... And I see how neccessary to see in the results.. They are just "right" They are more realistic. Us, man kind have a great piece of optics on our eye, and our processor located in our brain is something so sophisticated, even better than backlit sensors, that we have no dynamic range problems as our P&S cams has. But cams have it. And Raw processing is a significant way to repeair it, as it shown by Shobud, no regret and Aaron...

I keep using my Gradual Filter, however it sometimes feel an unnaturally good lightend shadow area, its my solution to my lazy-azz photography, who just can´t process any raw on his computer nowadays. (need a new machine, or just need a serious format to my windows 7 computer)

One thing about No Regret´s picture, you say that , you take this picture around the shipyard... I thought the U.S. Navy yards are protected as hell from the audience... Because whenever they sailing around the world, whenever they approaching to a port even a city, the marine traffic is blocked , photographers can´t get closer than some 6543 miles !!! But man, you get this image as close by your XZ-1 to a brand new ship, which has stealth caracteristics etc etc. !!! Maybe they don´t act that unsecure  at their motherlands... Anyway , Its lucky to see such a closeup image. Its a fantastic looking platform.

Aaron´s ticonderoga class is also the best of its class glob-wide ship as well... Actually main reason is its one of the only one, most of the armed forces around the world is stay small or getting smaller. Very few nations has Destroyers today... and Only U.S and Russian navies has Cruisers in today. I don´t know if anyone else has. But Biggest ships are in Finnish navy is raoughly Corvets, in Turkish and Avustralian (As well NZ navies) are frigates... Also one Frigate in Aus. Navy today has a name ANZAC. Which is the one of the biggest piece of history south there I guess..

Thanks to share good work with all us here  folks. Have a nice weekend.


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