X-S1 $379 RIGHT NOW at Amazon

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Re: 'Failed Camera' - Amazon Reviews

alroot wrote:

I own a X-S1 and it is a wonderful camera. I love it, how it is bulit,

It does feel like a great camera.

the lenses,

The lens zooms nicely, but the droop makes it feel cheap.

tha sesnsor

Awful sensor.  So bad that Fujifilm conducted a stealth recall on it.  Horrible blooming.

but ... it was a marketing failure for fuji.

Completely.  The price of the camera cratered, indicating that there was enormous stock to move and the only way to do so was to drop the price to get it out the door.

This is a big camera (and expensive in the begining) and the public who s going to chose this camera is very short.

Fuji did a wonderful and expensive camera...... but with few interest for the paublic.

I did not expect a Fuji XS-2

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