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Jennyhappy2 wrote:

Recently started looking at cameras and had narrowed it to the LX7 and Sony NEX6 with 18-50mm lens. Yes I realize these are different types of cameras, but they fit my needs and I like the layout and operation of both. I nearly decided on the LX7 given the faster lens and smaller size and along comes the GM1.

Criteria is an all around and excellent camera for taking any type of picture the opportunity may hold. I shoot nearly all in jpeg Auto mode. I realize the larger the sensor the better, but not looking to be a photographer either. Must be only one lens if it ends up being a mirrorless camera and start at 24mm. Want a simple set up that is overall small and offers better than average IQ. External flash, video, viewfinder, etc are of no interest.

I realize the GM1 will cost more, but would it be worth it in the long run. Thoughts and feedback appreciated.

Given your requirements of very small size, large sensor, and 24mm, I think you're on the right track with the GM1. In low light it may not be better overall than the LX7 due to the need to shoot at higher ISO, but in good light it should be unequivocally better.

You'll also have more ability to throw the background out of focus when desired, though you might need to venture into Av mode (rather than full auto) to do so. The LX7's wider aperture narrows the gap, but I'm not sure by how much; it would be interesting if there is a formula out there to quantify that.

Another advantage is that if someday you change your mind and decide that it would be fun to sometimes carry around a long telephoto, or a super wide-angle, or a macro, or a fast prime, or a super-zoom, or a faster medium-range zoom, you have that option. I have five medium-range zooms, all different for different purposes, with three of them in frequent use. Yes five is excessive, but it's hard to let go of any of them because they all have unique advantages.

Personally I'd prefer to wait for a real review or two to come out before I hit the Buy button. It looks to be an excellent camera and excellent lens, but as far as I know so far we've only had previews of pre-production units.

If handling turns out to be difficult due to the tiny size, I'd look at the optional grip. One of the previews said it helped a lot.

Good luck!


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