What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Buy The D3

The D300 is outmoded gear. I was in the same position as you years ago when I upgraded from a D300 to a D3, which later had its buffer upgraded. I found that even at 8 fps once in a great while I still missed the moment I was trying to capture. Reading the choices in your post, I would choose a D3 over the D700 and D3s. It isn't worth getting a D700 and grip when for slightly more you can have a D3 with full viewfinder coverage. Rather than pay the premium for a D3s, you will need a good zoom and you know what that means...ideally the 70-200mm. I shot that combination for years and loved using it, except for the oil & dirt sensor in the D3 (forerunner of the D600 problem!)

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