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Im with all the assesments so far. The FEW images you have in your "portfolio" (you already said you have 3 boys, why dont you have 30 amazing images?) are merely snapshots. Good snapshots, but snapshots nonetheless. And on that note, Ill jump to your pricing. I dont think the $125 session fee for a location shoot is bad but you don't include anything which is fine, but on TOP of that your print prices seem REALLY high AND you need to place a $200 dollar minimum order? You know BayPhoto and Millers print 5x7's for $1.15 and 8x10's for $1.79, roughly? If you're going to inflate your prices THAT much, I think you should include a couple with the session and/or drop the minimum order. Its one of the biggest complaints I hear from my clients: "Photographer 'X' makes you place a minimum order of $250 dollars and THEN wants $50 bucks for an 8x10!!!". The economy is bad, like everywhere. Sure, there are some people who can and will spend, but if you make the prices more appealing (unless you're in an über-rich area) you'll not only get more business but on top of that more sales.

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