DSLR versus Mirror-less Cameras

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Re: Do you "really NEED" a DSLR? or are you going to leave it @home?

Hi there!

I'm having the same dilemma! I am considering selling my D700 gear just because I don't take it out enough. I've shot a couple weddings but really, I would like a camera that is compact and that I could take with me anywhere (really liking the AW1 for its rugged-ness features). However, I'm scared of sacrificing image quality.

I don't want my pictures to look like they came from a point and shoot. Therefore, I am thinking ILS mirror less cameras will be the next best option for me. With ILS Mirrorless cameras do you get the similar image quality from a full-frame? (I know the sensor in a full-frame is much bigger but can you really tell a HUGE difference without "pixel peeping")? Do ILS cameras have better quality than point and shoots? Are there any places where I can see a comparison of image quality between a full-frame and a ILS mirror-less camera?

Lots of questions but thank you so much for any help!

Well for image quality sensor and lense are the only thing that matters. Compact/ILC/DSLR debate doesnt matter here. So if you gor APS-C mirrorless from ff it is the same as if you switch to APSC DSLR. Ok Nikon APSC-C sensors are also about 10% better than Sony for example, but what is 10%..

So the right answer to your question is debate of FF vs APS-C(i do sugest you go APS-C if you go mirrorless) and that is a hell of a debate:) You can always buy twice as fast lenses for APS-C sensor and get prety much the  same thing as slpwer lenses on FF sensor.

And as for your question about compact camera vs mirorless let me demonstrate sensor sizes for you:

-compact camera ~30mm^2

-Sony RX 100 ~100mm^2

-m43 mirorless ~250mm^2

-APS-C dslrs and mirrorless 370mm^2

-FF cameras around 800mm^2

Also mind that higher you gor the less difference is noticable. So jump from compact to advanced compact Sony RX 100 is much bigger than jump from Sony RX 100 to APS-C. Of course lenses also matter, fast lense for smaller sensor are cheaper, you can compansate.

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