RX10: Lens wobble?

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Re: RX10: Lens wobble?

John C.H. wrote:

Hi Guys,

I got my hands on a RX10 for the first time today in a Sony showroom here in Hong Kong. I really liked the feel of it in my hands and it did not feel as heavy as I expected.

However, when I racked the lens out to full extension and put my left hand under it to support it at eye level, I felt the whole lens assembly move. When I examined it I found the the whole lens assembly wobbled. I held the body firmly on the table with the lens protruding over the edge and watched the LCD screen as I touched the lens assembly lightly. As the it wobbled the picture jumped around on the screen.

This was a demo model and it may have suffered a lot of abuse, but I am a little concerned. I have known other cameras where the lens rattled in the body but this always stopped on power up. This RX10 lens wobbled and was loose at full extension with power on.

So, RX10 owners, does the lens assembly wobble at full extension on your RX10?

Thanks in advance,


Not a good sign. Usually only cheap plastic lenses show that. I have 20-30 old Nikon zooms and they show no wobbling after all those years. I recently handled long 18-135(140) zooms from Canon/Nikon/Sony, there was absolutely no wobbling. That wobbling can lead to decentering, focus errors, and image blurring due to lens shake.

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