What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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I'm only considering options that get me 8fps so that rules out D7000, D7100, D600, D610 and D800. I rented a D800 last season for a couple games and did not find it to be a good solution for me.

By fixating on just one dimension of camera performance (frame rate), you're making it hard to find a balanced solution - especially if price is a consideration.

The sensors on the D700 and D3 are just too old. By choosing either of them you will deny yourself the chance to take advantage of some really big improvements that have been made in last 6 years. Since better high-ISO performance is driving factor here, don't put the cart before the horse.

If you really MUST have 8 fps plus noise-free high ISO plus fast AF, then your only choices are the D3s or D4. So, get out your credit card. In my opinion, you might as well get the D4 so that you'll have a few extra MP for cropping, but some people who've used both prefer the D3s.

If, on the other hand, you can give a little bit on frame rate, then you'll have more choices.

Why heck! If one you guys would buy me a Df, I'll bet I could even make that work! Plus it'd be a lot nicer for backpacking and family events than a D3s.

Over 90% of your shots are gonna end up on cutting room floor anyhow. So, who cares if the camera missed a few more because the frame rate was little slower or the AF sensor was lame. As you said, nobody's paying you to do this. They'll be thrilled beyond belief with the quality of your work. You're the only one who will know that the camera missed a few shots. And if YOU really care that much, then pony up for the D4. Over and out! Lefty

Well I couldn't agree more with DesertLefty. The pro's shoot hundreds of shots and only 1 or a few get printed.

I told you last night what I thought and my comment got stripped. So one must be careful on being truthful. You are all over the map with your wants and needs but you won't listen to anyone or put the money out.

Good luck shooter.

What I'm looking for has not been all over the map at all.  My desires are very consistent with what action/sports shooters are interested in.  AF, frame rate and buffer size are all important characteristics.  Since I will be shooting in winter twilight (just before and after sunset), high ISO performance at 1600-6400 is also important.

My one additional consideration is that I'm trying to be efficient with my money in the used camera market because none of the cameras available now are ideal for what I do so there's nothing out there I'm willing splurge on that will last me for 5 years.  So, whatever I get will be an interim camera, probably replaced in a year when Nikon comes out with a new camera more suited to what I do.  So, since this is an interim camera, I want to be efficient with the $.

Also, why does it make any difference that only a few shots from a game get printed.  The whole point of having the right gear is to increase the odds of getting the few best shots.  But, if you somehow think this matters, I will typically share 30-40 shots from a given game and it will be up to others how many they want to print.

I'd love to have a new D4, but $6k isn't in the budget - so I'm looking at used options for D3, D3s and D700.

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