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gftphoto wrote:

The question is, will this here DF sell more than a D400. The price is expected to be around $3000, for much less features than the D400 is expected to have. The DF will be nothing more than a fashion statement for young boomers with too much money, hehe.

I'm seeing irony here. Styling aside, the DF is a compelling camera based on its content. Best bet is that if it looked more or less like a D700 it would attract a lot of positive response from the Nikon forums. But since it has "retro" looks and controls, it apparently will be saddled with stigma and its users will be branded as poseurs. Actually, being an old guy I appreciate the effort to evoke the classics, and am more or less immune to the slings and arrows of the detractors. Not that I am in line to buy one, but I could see it happening.

Actually ... the only compelling content of the Df is the D4 sensor.  That explains why it costs much more than the D610.  It is like putting a Corvette engine in a Corvair and use that as bragging rights ... Everything else, except for the clever way to use any lens, is based on the D610, including the AF. Remember that the 700 had the same AF as the D3, D3x, D300. Even the D7100 has the same AF, modified to meter down to f/8.

Come to think of it, yes there is another feature that is surprising: the AF-ON button!

I am an old guy too, and do not care for the retro look. I also can understand that any lens focal length is multiplied by 1.5 for DX, so as long as a lens produces an image, as far as I know, it works the way it was made for, that is, to produce an image.

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