RX100 vs NEX-7 w/16-50 PZ

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Re: RX100 vs NEX-7 w/16-50 PZ

davids8560 wrote:

I bought both of these cameras. And I put the big 18-200 lens on the NEX-7. So the RX100 has been my casual, everyday walk-around camera, while I've pretty much only used the NEX-7 for more specific outings.

But now I've acquired one of the new, tiny 16-50 PZ lenses, and suddenly the NEX-7 seems like it would serve pretty well as a walk-around camera! With the 16-50, it's really not that much bigger than the RX100! I mean, what a difference from the big, heavy 18-200 lens! And so now I'm wondering if I in fact really need both of these cameras!

So here is my question:

What sort of informal comparison test situations can I pit both against to determine which does better? Or maybe you guys can determine the major differences for me without doing any comparison testing at all!

Who knows? Maybe I won't miss much by letting the seemingly less versatile RX100 go...

Thanks for your thoughts in advance!

ISO testing.

Depth of field.

Autofocus speed.

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