Camera/Lens in unpressurized/unheated private jet cargo area. Is this safe???

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Re: ArinA - step back and think about your question a minute

"I wish people would stop treating their gear like cherished pets when it comes to travelling."

This is how I make a living, so I treat my gear like my life depends upon it...because it does.

My company owns a Cessna 560 with unpressurized cargo hold in the nose and the rear belly section. We have flown with a Nikon D3 plus two lenses, and our Sony PMW EX3's and lenses. For the longest time we had no problems with condensation or damage to our lenses. The pilots are the only ones allowed to load the luggage and gear because you have to be certified by the FAA.

It wasn't until our last trip from TN to NY that we noticed some type of condensation inside the lens of our Fujinon 5.5-100mm on our Sony camera. Perhaps it was the "straw that broke the camels back" with the cumulative flights and temperature changing the lens was subjected to. We are sending the lens back for repair or replacement.

Our solution from now on will be to fly with the camera in the lavatory of the plane in the back. The lavatory is really too small, cramped, and difficult to get to if you had to use it, so it makes a much better additional cargo hold instead.

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