Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

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Re: Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

No Regrets wrote:
So when you say,…. "For those of you who don't have Aperture, should try iPhoto, I think they have the same engine."….are you saying that I wouldn't need to pay for Aperture, that as long as my MacBook Pro has the iPhoto that that will work well enough or even the same as Aperture?

Somewhat.  The actual RAW processing engine is shared between Aperture and iPhoto.  However, how the result of the RAW engine is handled is different.  Aperture maintains the results in 16-bit lossless format through its entire pipeline.  iPhoto runs the RAW conversion and creates an 8-bit JPEG file and then all further processing in iPhoto is doing against that JPEG.  So image quality suffers a bit vs. Aperture.

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