"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: I have sold my 5D2 plus 5 lenses

baobob wrote:

There is the theory then the field experience

I spent 1100€ to buy at its launch the 100mm 2.8 L IS macro yes superb lens

But at the end of the day I get much beter and easier results woth the XP1 fitted with my old tamron 90mm 2.5 macro (with /without its ext tube) handheld for a lot of reasons

Macro is better done in MF and the EVF + magnifier + FP makes it easier

The global combo is smaller and lighter does not vibrate

In terms of IQ the res is about on par and colors contrast DR are much better with the XP1

And the AF of the 5D2 is rather poor with long tele at f 5.6 except with brilliant sun

I can also carry all the gear more easily (thus more often)

All in all, no regrets, the 5D had been my best camera during 3 years. Things have changed for me and for my photography I find the Fuji gear much more adapted thus better

"De gustibus non est disputendum"



For me, under controlled situations with a tripod, the Fuji for macro has been great with an adapter and Nikon 180mm macro.

But moving around with less than ideal light, I really like the IS (VR) to calm my hands.

The possibility of using adapters with the Fuji makes the lens choices almost endless!

I would really like to try a shift adapter. I wish they made on for G lenses (with aperture control). I dream of sticking the 14-24 on a shift adapter on the fuji and having a 14mm shift lens.

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