Autofocus distance indicator on the X-10

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Re: Autofocus distance indicator on the X-10

Manie_de wrote:

Just a quick question to current or ex X-10 users:


Do/Did your autofocus distance indicator work(ed) correctly ?

More or less

On mine X-10 it doesn't matter if I focus on a motive within 0.5 m or 20 m away - it always shows the focus distance in a region under 1 m (in P or A mode)

That shouldn't happen. When I half-press the shutter button, I get a pretty accurate readout of the autofocus distance -- so much so, that it helped me this past weekend avoid a missed focus when photographing my daughter on a swing. (I think it was focusing on a tree some meters beyond.) I typically shoot A mode.

I'm using an UV filter on the lens - could this be the problem or didn't I just understand how the indicator works ?

I don't own a UV filter, so I don't know. Have you tried it without the filter?

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