Spinning beach ball on my iMac is driving me nuts.

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Re: Spinning beach ball on my iMac is driving me nuts.

Several other speed-up items you might wish to try.

1. D/L Onyx and use it to clear your caches and logs.

2. Clean up your desktop.  Move all folders and files  from the desktop to folders in your hard disk.

3. Free up system hard drive space where you can.  Archive files from your system HD to an external.

4. Run Disk Utility and test your hard drive(s) for issues and repair them if any exist.  You already fixed the permissions but it won't hurt to run this occasionally, especially after updates.

5. Run Font Book and validate your fonts. Clear any errors or duplicates.

6. Launch Console and examine/remove all the error logs you can.  Keep an eye out any added new entries for a while.

7. RAM and HD space are bottlenecks to performance.  Free up as much space as possible.

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