What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: Renting

jfriend00 wrote:

M Lammerse wrote:

Hi jfriend00,

In your situation and I would not own a D3S, D4 or other fast camera suited to capture sports in low/nasty light conditions, rent one.
You write you need to in that case I would assume that you work for an organization who pays you your expenses/rent you etc.

Nobody is paying my expenses. I'm choosing to get something better than my D300 for low light and trying to balance what I get with what I spend to get it (e.g. be efficient with the money).

Renting a D700 for 3 months would cost ~$600. Renting a D3s would cost $1300. Renting a D4 would cost $1700.

Hi john,

Wow, that is indeed expensive over there. That is if you have to rent it on a daily basis I guess?
Well, than it is a question of purchasing a used body if you think it's worth the expense for hobby, A D3S will do it well.
I still use myself a D3S, and in comparison with the D700 it has besides faster operation better constant tracking. Even people say that the focus system is similar, the operation is not.
Is the D700 tracking bad, no but the D3S is better.
You own yourself a D300, the D300 tracking ability is comparable with the D700, so if you are happy with that and with the speed, a D700 will do well.

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