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Re: With all due respect...

Moti wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

...Unless you are strapped for cash and REALLY can only afford to keep one system, why would you give up all the opportunities lost by shooting a mirrorless camera only?

I am not sure about you but I can not think of any opportunity lost by shooting a mirrorless camera only. I am a professional stage and musical events photographers and have switched to mirrorless system from pro FF, about 9 month ago (OMD) and believe me, there is nothing that I can do better with my FF gear, except for some extreme low light situations for which I would prefer to use a Fuji XE-2 to close the gap.

I looked at your list and as I said, there is nothing there that I can't accomplish with my mirrorless gear. Of course YMMV, but I have a slight suspicion, that like in many similar cases I encounter in these forums, some more knowledge, training, skills and experience would help much more than the investment in an expensive system.



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"some more knowledge, training, skills and experience would help much more than the investment in an expensive system."

I am a photography teacher by profession. I shoot every day all day with everything from an iPhone to an 8x10 view camera. I work in the darkroom, Lightroom and feel like I know what I am doing when I print. I have a large format printer and I print often and BIG. I know well, and teach the history of photography, art and composition, visual literacy and a plethora of photographic techniques for pinhole photography to large format camera movements.

I also learn something new every day. That is what I like most about photography. It is beautifully complex and creative possibilities are endless. While I agree that knowledge and experience is MORE important than expensive equipment, better equipment CAN create better images. I can captue great images with my iPhone, but I would probably wish I would have shot them with better equipment.

"there is nothing that I can do better with my FF gear"

I think it might be you who needs "some more knowledge, training, skills and experience". (Remember, these were your words to me, you shouldn't be offended to hear them directed back at you)

I can make images with my D800e that can not be made (consistently, as easily, or at all) with my Fuji.

For stage and musical events, I would agree, a mirrorless camera would be fine for you.

But, what is a fact, that people find hard to admit, is that mirrorless cameras have advantages AND disadvantages. Just as DSLRs have advantages AND disadvantages.

Can I shoot with my D800e and get better results? Yes, MOST of the time. I can't think of a single situation where a Fuji would be more capable of capturing BETTER images than the D800e. People will say, correctly, that the best camera is the one you have with you and therefore a small mirrorless is better. Well...OK. But this is a choice.

The advantages of the Fuji XE-1 (that is what I own along with 3 primes 14,23,35 and 2 zooms) are its light weight, EVF for focus check (peek or zoom) and great OOC jpgs.

The image quality is NOT as good. Is it good enough? Most of the time, absolutely! But it is not as good. If someone wants the absolute best image quality in a 35mm sensor on the market, it is the D800e. (or D4 for high ISO) Is this extra quality meaningful? To me it is. I print big. I shoot in low light. I like to make different compositions by cropping when I can't zoom (shooting with primes) or move closer.

The AF system is NOT as good. Tracking is basically non-existent (birds in flight, sports, theater dance performances)

The dynamic range is NOT as good. It is very good, but not as good.

The Fuji is NOT weatherproof. No problem as long as it is not raining or you don't get caught out in the rain.

The strobe capabilities are not even in the same galaxy as Nikon flash systems.

The resolution of the D800 is more than double which makes for much more flexibility in cropping for prints.

I hope you have gotten this far in reading, because now I will explain why I even have an XE-1.

The XE-1 is the best compact camera in terms of image quality I have ever used. I shot a 5D MKII with L lenses for years and the XE-1 is just as good or better in terms of image quality. I finally found a compact camera, that could produce gallery quality large prints.

I finally feel liberated when I go out shooting with the XE-1. My shoulders don't ache at the end of the day. I don't have to set a big heavy bag down, unzip it and get a camera out. I am happy holding it in my hand for long periods of time.

It has very very accurate auto focus. AF-S.

It has amazing lenses both primes and zooms.

When used with good technique, it produces prints as big as A3 that can match even the mighty D800e.

I can work around most of its limitations. It means working slower, and most of the time, I am not in a hurry.

For 90% of what I shoot, it is good enough.

BUT, "good enough" FOR ME, is not ALWAYS good enough. I want the option of having THE BEST.

I already own the Nikon lenses (which I can use on the XE-1 as well). I bought the D800e more than a year ago. It costs me nothing extra to keep it for those times when I really need (or want) it.

I have nothing against those for whom "good enough" is good enough. Good for you. But to think that those who keep their DSLR are somehow mislead is just being misinformed.

If your tack hammer is doing fine building your bird houses, good for you. But sometimes, I like to build tree houses and need a bigger hammer.

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