Olympus E-M1 vs Panasonic G3 with 100-300

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Re: Olympus E-M1 vs Panasonic G3 with 100-300

Here are a couple of bird photos from this morning and the nearest comparison I could find from the G3 taken a couple of years ago.

The E-M1 pics are from a sequence of a Raven in flight. (I have never really managed a sequence with the G3!). The camera was in C-AF, 9 area, Low burst mode set to 5 fps.

Background is cloud.

Raven - E-M1

Raven E-M1

The next picture is from the G3. The Rook was closer than the Raven so the crop is not as severe. This is about the best picture I managed of a black bird in flight with the G3. Camera was in S-AF.

Rook - G3

The Ravens are a bit far away to make a good photo (about 80-100m) but I am quite pleased with the detail from the E-M1 which is always difficult with a black bird.

I also like the way that C-AF works. If you can track smoothly, the AF locks quite quickly. The first two locks from the camera are accompanied by beeps to indicate focus. After the second beep, focus tracks well. I find it best to wait until after the second beep before I start shooting.

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