Focal Reducer as lens candy.

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Re: Focal Reducer as lens candy.

I too have recently bought a cheap turbo booster FD to NEX - probably the RJ, from Roxsen for £60, I then was able to get a nice little Canon FD 35mm f3.5 for less than £10 off the 'bay.

I haven't yet tried it with all my old FD lenses but my thoughts so far are :-

1) for £60 (Circa $90) it's not bad at all, the corners look a bit grubby especially at wider apertures, but then I don't spend much of my time looking at the corners - life's too short.

2) In the low autumn sun there's a lot of additional flare & regular blue & other coloured spots, again mainly at wider apertures - nice if you like that sort of thing but I guess v.annoying for the purists.

3) Get used to the lesser depth of field - it really does make a difference & I find I can't rely on focus peaking & have to use the magnifier to get good focus. At first I thought it wasn't sharp at all but most of those problems were down to focus accuracy

4) Agree there's a quite a reduction in contrast but that, as someone else said, is very easy to PP out and IMO can contribute to easier PP work, I seem to find contrast & sharpening to be the enemies of good PP & best left to the very end.

5) I find that 1 over 2x focal length is best for avoiding camera shake - I know it should be less & probably my bad technique but works for me !

Summary - it's a keeper for those odd times when needed but not something I'm going to use everyday . Quite looking forward to turning my little 100/2.8 into 100/2 for portraits !

Hope this helps


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