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MatsP wrote:

Yes, and if architcture and landscape is what you do, sharpness over the whole frame can be of great importance. If your main interest are other subjects where you concentrate on the middle if the picture you may don't mind a little corner blur, it may even be a good thing in sone situations. So the two, both excellent, lenses may attract different photographers. To me the 12-40 is more interesting.

Since I'm more of a landscape and architecture shooter, and I like to stitch panoramas, I've been waiting for a fast, quality zoom with better across-the-field performance than the Panny 12-35 offers, especially at the wide end.

Looking at DxO's individual measurements rather than their opaque, synthetic P-MPIX score indicates that the Oly is a better lens for my purposes.

I'm looking forward to seeing what other serious testers have to say about this lens, especially testers who are open about their testing methods and share raw data, rather than trying to boil a lens' performance down into a single, synthetic, opaque score like DxO does.

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