"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

jtan163 wrote:

bigpigbig wrote:

Humor, back handed compliments and concurrence.

Partial concurrence, but yes some of that too.

I try to be objective - even when I don't like the implications.

Hmmm. Not sure where you are coming from.

You're saying you can't see why someone would lose opportunities by selling a DSLR and then list a number of shoots you've undertaken which seem to be selected with an eye to scenarios DSLRs have typically done well and mirrorless less well.

Where I am coming from is that for a lot of people they lose nothing going mirror less.

I attempt to demonstrate this by addressing your recent shoots and acknowledge honestly where the mirror less might not perform as well.

But that is not the majority of cases.

That's where I'm coming from.

I am not trying to convince anyone of anything

I love having the option of multiple systems (as many others in this thread do) and I was simply stating my reasons for liking to have one foot in each set.

So do I. I wish my foot was more in the D800 camp than the D7000 camp, but I don;t shoot for a crust, so it is hard to justify.

BTW, it sounds and looks like the Olys have a huge jump on Fuji. I had an EPL-1 and loved it.

I think they are different cameras, with different design compromises. I wouldn't say the Oly has the jump, but I'd say if you're wanting to shoot some of the areas a DSLR does well in then the Oly might be worth considering.

Also, I teach photography for a living (and sell some images for extra cash as well) so your "more money than sense" comment is just wrong and offensive.

I assume your throw the D800 at the bear comment was intended to be humourous.

My more money than sense was a response to that comment.
Also intended to be humorous.

If you really did get close enough to a a bear where you had to throw your camera as a s distraction, then I think my more money than sense is valid.

Though I'm very happy you survived the encounter.

You should try to be a bit more personable in your writing. If you talked like that to people face to face, I doubt you'd have many friends.

That's why I try to interject a bit of humour - that's part of being personable.

But FYI I do have few friends IRL, and I'm not particularly out to make more.


I think we'd get along really well.

Thanks for clarification.

And, yes, the throwing it at a bear was a reference to "Snatch" where Boris the Butcher says, "weight (of a gun) is a sign of reliability and if it doesn't work, you can just hit him with it"

I don't think I could throw that combo anyway. It is too damn heavy. But, the images it makes are heavenly. I laugh at those enamored with the bokeh of new 58mm 1.4. The 200 has that in spades.

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