From Sony to Leica?

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Re: From Sony to Leica?

There are several factors at play.

The Leica M typ 240 sensor was designed specifically for use with Leica lenses where the short lens mount to focus plane distance means light rays strike the sensor at high incidence angles. The manufacturing process was selected specifically because it has a thinner optical stack atop the pixel, to minimize the impact.

If you are using a non-wideangle lens like the 50mm Summilux, this will be much less of an issue.

The STM process technology behind the Leica sensor is actually more advanced than Sony's (90/110nm, copper interconnect vs. Sony's 180nm aluminium process).

Some Japanese camera vendors have been caught in the past "cooking" their allegedly RAW format to make it look better in benchmarks, e.g. Nikon's D70:

This is not something DXO would be able to catch, so take their benchmarks with a large grain of salt.

Rangefinder viewfinders are a thing of beauty, but they take some using to, and are not everyone's cup of tea. The greater than 100% coverage means you can anticipate action outside the frame.

If you are happy with focus peaking and the other Sony MF assists as implemented in the Sony NEX series EVF, the A7/A7R should be perfectly suitable. The limiting factor will not be the camera sensor or the lens, but your hand-holding technique.

Which one you should pick boils down to which camera ergonomics and viewfinder technology you prefer, and whether you are willing to pay a premium for it (keep in mind Leicas, even digital ones, keep their resale value very well, I sold my M9 for $4100, or 60% of the original price 4 years earlier)

The question is academic - the waiting list for the M240 is probably 6 months at this point. You will be able to buy the A7/A7R long before a M becomes available for purchase.

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