I decided against the RX-10 for now. We will see.

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Donald Chin
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Re: Yes I am familiar with that.

phazelag wrote:

Yes I am very familiar DOF being related to focal length and proximity to the subject, but the images I saw of the Sony RX10 at 73mm which is its 200mm equiv at f2.8 looked horrible. There were some good ones, but many had ugly circles. My olympus XZ-1 Bokeh was nicer when you could get.
It seems like most cameras you can get nice Bokeh if you're close to the subject with the RX10, but I can do that with my iphone.


This is the Sony RX-10 wide open f2.8 at 73.3mm or 200mm equiv

IMO the RX10 doesn't look bad in comparing to those M43 zoom, it depends on whether it is in the right hand. BTW I'm even more picky if I talk about bokeh as I shoot FF wide open most of the time with 200/2, 300/2.8, 400/2.8 & 600/4 

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