What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

A D400 with better high iso may or may not come .   Nikon seems to have dropped the Amateur Sports Shooter in a hole.  I do not always need the high fps but when I want it I really want it.

For a few years I've been shooting soccer matches with 3 to 4 cameras each match.  Until earlier this year all matches started at 3: or 3:30 PM (everything is late in Goa ) , now they officially start at 4PM .

I was able to shoot D300, D300s with grips, 70-200vr and 300 2.8vr for about an hour or so and then the D3S and D700(gripped for the remainder of the matches.  Loss of reach is a pain but the 300 2.8vr w/ TC works fine just ups the iso.

The D700 w/ grip (as has been suggested) works well.

Next week I will be trying the D610.  The 39 pts is not a problem for the way I shoot soccer and the 24 MP is a big improvement for cropping.  I have shot the D610 for BIF and think it is slightly faster and more positive than the D7100.  I'll shoot it against the D700 and see.   The D3S is my favourite,  it just allows so much more scope for light and speed, but in good light the D300s/ /grip is very good.

So according to cost : used D4, used D3s , used D700 w/grip . Shame about the buffer on the D7100 , I've not shot it much for soccer but at dusk it does seem to do ISO's 1600-3200 better than the D300s ( a very different noise) .


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