What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

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Re: What to buy for shooting action that doesn't cost as much as a D4?

Kerry Pierce wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

I would be using my 200-400 on the FX speed camera as I appreciate the zoom for soccer to help cover more of the field and a wider variety of players from one shooting position. I generally do not put a TC on it because it really knocks down the AF performance and I can notice some IQ degradation with the TC at 400mm (my 200-400 is tack sharp at 200) and I don't want to give up a stop of light. I would also like to get more background isolation with f/4 on FX and not give that back by using the TC.

I've never used a 200-400, so have no idea how it will focus with any given camera. IMO, the d3 bodies will AF slightly better than the d300/d700. If the 200-400 is already a problem in low light, the d700 may not give you the performance you want.

If you're noise sensitive and want the absolute best AF in all conditions, I'd point at the d3s.

Rental is probably a good idea once I have an idea of which I want to go for and I particularly need to make sure I'm OK with the range of the 200-400 on FX for how I shoot (or discover how I can adapt how I shoot to the different range).

Yes, I agree completely. It's too bad that you & I don't live close. I'd let you borrow the d700 and d3s to see the difference. In all honesty, if you're thinking of spending the big bucks on the d3s or even the d3, I'd suggest renting both the d700 and d3s for a few days and testing them against one another. You may find that the d700 does what you need done at half the price of a d3s.

Yeah, probably the best solution is to rent the D700 and if it works good enough for what I'm trying to accomplish, then I can go with the less expensive option.  My challenge would be testing the rental on a real game in the real lighting at the real venue (a pre-season game) and then finding the right used D700 quick enough before the season starts.  Finding the right D700 that has an acceptable shutter count and isn't overbid on price and then winning the auction looks like it could take some time.

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