Help me set up a work station, please?

Started Nov 15, 2013 | Questions thread
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Help me set up a work station, please?

So, look, I'm the noob of all noobs, just putting that out there first and foremost.

Quick sum up of where I am at...

  • Little cash
  • Computer inept
  • I mean really, no clue about anything inside a computer. Not for lack of trying to understand, btw.
  • Can't edit worth a darn on my current Dell XPS L501X with i5, windows 7, and 6 GB
  • Have lightroom, no PS. Which is why i need to make sure the editing that goes on in LR is spot on and colors are on point.
  • Stopped taking my camera out of its bag a very long while ago because knowing I can't come home and work on my photos really bummed me out.
  • Like I already mentioned, I have a very low budget. Photography depresses me sometimes because there's so much gear I want/need but it's all soooo expensive. With that in mind, i've put getting a monitor so I can start editing my photos again at the very top of the list.
  • What I have in mind is an NEC display. I'm pretty sold on it.

What I need help and major advice on from anyone and everyone who is willing to deal with a noob of my level, are the following...

  • If I hook up this laptop to a NEC display, will I be using the display at its best or will my laptop not be enough to bring the best out of the display? 
  • What is important to have in a laptop if I am looking to hook it up to a display to make a work station?
  • If this laptop doesn't have what it takes/what is needed to be paired up with a quality display, what do I invest in first? Do I get a new laptop like an asus, macbook, or alienware, or do I get a monitor? Keep in mind that whichever I do end up getting, I won't have the money to buy the other until maybe 2 years later. So like, say I buy a monitor but need a better laptop to make things run smoothly, I won't be able to get the laptop in 2 years or more. When I first started doing research on what I needed to properly edit photos, I really tried seeing if a laptop alone could do the job since that would make things a lot easier for me but as far as i'm aware they aren't enough. From what i've read the macbook covers like 73% of the adobe colorspace while the nec's i've been looking at cover about 98%
  • If I should go for the monitor, specifically a NEC, which should I look into? I was suggested the NEC PA242W-BK-SV Color critical wide gamut desktop monitor. .Does it really have an IPS panel because it says AH-IPS?

So, those are my questions for now. If the overall advice in here ends up being to go ahead and get the 24" nec, I'll have a few more questions about the monitor itself as far as what it comes with and what software i need to buy, if the SV ii comes with the monitor or not, and so on. I'll also need help in learning about the different ports and cables needed to make the display work at its best, which of them I need to buy, how to set up my laptop with the display, how to set up the display itself, stuff like that. I really haven't been able to find instructions on these things, so if you have a link that you think can help me please post it as well as giving me your personal advice on these things if you are able to. I'd appreciate it very much. I'm a slow learner in some areas and a fast learner in others, not sure which when it comes to computer talk. All I know is that I sometimes have a hard time learning things the conventional way. I tend to understand things better when I am able to talk with people about what confuses me rather than just read a list of instructions, you know? If you've made it this far, thanks for taking the time, whether or not you respond.

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