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pavi1 wrote:

GPW wrote:

Does anyone think that the Nikon "DF" camera will sell more than the much wanted D400 DX?

No. But neither will the 2014 Corvette sell more than the 2014 GMC/Chevy pickups. Every camera does not need to be a workhorse any more than every vehicle needs to be only those sold in high numbers. Premium priced products have high profit margins, a very good reason to produce and sell from the corporate perspective.

I will not buy a D400 but I would get on the waiting list for a DF DX at $1,895. But that is just me. I would rather date a 9 with a 110 IQ than a 6 with a 140 IQ.

Yes, but GM is UPDATING their pickups while producing the Corvette, whereas Nikon is NOT. THAT'S the issue

Cameras do not need to be updated until there are sufficient advancements to justify the upgrade. A new model each year as with cars is not needed.
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