NEX-6 major design flaw

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Re: NEX-6 major design flaw

As a new owner of an NEX-6 (for the second time) I've been paging through all the facts and conjecture about low battery life on the NEX-6. Fact is, the camera is designed to kill the battery sooner than it needs to. Sony went the point-and-shoot route with this camera in that they leave the LCD on all the time. The only thing that turns it off is you putting your eye up to the viewfinder. Take you eye down, LCD is back on. I realize that there is a menu item to do viewfinder only but then you lose the review capability on the LCD, the review will occur in the viewfinder which means you lose fast shot to shot capability. (Let's not mention the fact that if you go viewfinder only, the only way out is to navigate the horrendous menus in the viewfinder to go back to LCD or AUTO)

None of this was necessary.

All Sony had to do was do was what good SLRs (ie: EOS 7D) have been doing all along that is leave the LCD off except to turn it on briefly after a shot for review. Also, they have the eye sensor capability so the viewfinder itself shouldn't be turned on until your eye shows up. For those that like to shoot using the LCD as their viewfinder, how about a little button like the SLRs have for live view. The LCD should have been controllable.

Another fun set your camera to sleep after 10 seconds. Unfortunately it's not going to sleep because the camera is hanging on it's strap and it thinks your belly is your eye so it keeps the camera on, maybe all day!

No getting around it here, forget all the auto focus hocus pokus, some serious design problems here with the way the LCD and viewfinder are managed.

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