Some Lumix GM1 impressions from SF FireSideCamera/Panasonic event

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Some Impressions From Seattle Glazer's Hybrid Portrait Workshop Event

Dr Giulio:

You were one busy dude last weekend.

I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to take this workshop when it comes to town.

It is both fun and informative. It may be transformational. We all take stills. I haven't purposely pushed the red button on the camera. That is about to change. I can see where now I want to add motion & sound to my images. Have to figure how to use editing software.

I am so happy to state I pushed the red button on the GH3 in class for this hybrid image.
This is how good a teacher you are. I can't say this is my image.Of course, you set up the lighting, told me what to say to the model and the people handling the lights, then did the post production with another stud3nt. I hope to be able to create something like this in the near future.

Played with the GM1. What a nice machine. Took off the kit lens and put m 25 on it. Nice fit & look. From a size perspective, it isn't much larger than my LX7. Hmmmmm! Also played with and used the GH3. Just placed an order for it from B&H this morning. With the OMD-EM5 I think I have the tools to go out and start shooting hybrid.

Thanks for the workshop. Hope you return soon for more fun in the classroom & maybe on the street.


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