Great RX10 review with tons of samples

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Re: Great RX10 review with tons of samples

Shi Yali wrote:

Some of the best samples I have seen so far. They really bring out the potential of this camera. Nice to see shots in good light, and closeup images.

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Camera is positioned to compete with low end DSLRs, attractive to those people who don't have/change lenses and prefer a super zoom solution. There are several parameters of interest to this category of users:

  • size/weight - close (400-500g DSLR body + 400-500g DSLR lens)
  • price - much worse: $1300 vs $600-1000
  • lens - resolution, contrast, aberrations - unknown at this time, but not likely on the same level as 18-135 and 18-140 DSLR lenses.
  • lens - effective 16-130 f/5 in APS-C - close enough to 18-135, 18-140 lenses, though there are more choices among DSLR lenses, so it won't impact those people who prefer faster lenses, as well as those who prefer longer lenses.
  • focus speed: slow CDAF vs fast PDAF.
  • sensor resolution: 20MP vs 18-24MP.
  • sensor quality: dynamic range, crosstalk - unknown at this time, but likely worse than entry level APS-C DSLRs.
  • upgradability: none
  • sensor cleaning: ???

Based on the above, it doesn't look RX10 will have any impact on DSLR market.

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