Great RX10 review with tons of samples

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Re: Thanks for the link

Shi Yali wrote:

Tapper123 wrote:


I read the review thru google translate and it was very positive, concluding that the RX10 is a better choice for travel than an APS-C DSLR with 18-135 kit lens.

I have considered that option, but most 18-135 lenses are inferior to the RX10 lens,

How do you know that? I've had Canon and Sony versions, they were ok, mostly good in the center, weak in the corners. But Nikon 18-140 is absolutely superb, I doubt RX10 will be on the same level, with that small sensor it would require a lens to reach 150lp/mm in the center wide open to match the Nikon. I frankly doubt it will be able to match Canon and Sony, those are not that far behind Nikon. Apart from resolution there all other aberrations will be much tougher to control on a small sensor, I see serious CA problems on some shots, some weird ghosting on night shots. In any case, it makes sense to wait for formal testing results before making conclusions.

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