Yet another Epson R1800 with problems.....

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Yet another Epson R1800 with problems.....


I have been a member before but couldn't get to my login info as it was with my old email address [I used to be Erwin0265].

Anyway, my reason for posting is my Epson R1800 A3 printer/The problem is as follows:

I have been having issue with printhead blockage and had tried everything short of disassembly.

So, I decided to disassemble - which was pretty easy - back cover, then side covers, then top problems.

I removed all of the cartridges and then removed the printhead.

I soaked the printhead [only up to well below the electronics] and then flushed cleaning solution through the printhead, via the "spikes" untill the cleaning liquid came out clean.

I also cleaned the docking base as well as a few other ink-soaked areas.

I reassembled, but split the top cover so that the DVD/CD drawer could still function and the control panel [with the four switches] was reattached.

I tried to do a nozzle-check but the printer went through ink-priming, with the head whizzing back and forth on the rail, then took in a sheet of paper, the printhead moved into position and the the ink light came on [flashing]; as if I was low on ink, but even with low ink, the printer would normally print a nozzle check.

Now this is ONLY 1 flashing light; NOT 2! Sorry - I have to be clear on that because, elsewhere, people just don't read before suggesting what to do................

The Epson Status Monitor states "General Error" - but I have no idea as to WHAT that error is as it's, well, general..............

However, when I tried the SSC Service Utility, it states "Fatal Error".

This is NOT the "End of Service Life" error as the waste ink pads are less than one third of what Epson considers to be full. But I zeroed the counter anyway as I have read that it solves other issues as well.

I have read that I should get myself a copy of the R1800 service software, but I have yet to find said software online; mostly, I get directed to another of the many SSC Service Utility download sites.........

Now I am stuck. Any ideas or suggestions?

The printer is currently running [well, sort of......] under Win7, 32-bit.

I await the wisdom.................

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