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Re: Wasting time and $$ on an MILC won't help them remain one of the "Big Four"

Rod McD wrote:

marike6 wrote:

The ONLY way for Pentax to remain as one of the big four (Canon, Nikon, Sony/Minolta, Pentax) is to finally grow a pair and release a FF. It makes zero sense that they make a high end Medium Format 645D, and no FF. And now people here are actually talking about a MILC? Has this forum lost its mind? What a waste of a great camera company.


I agree that including an FF model is the future, but as I said in my earlier post I don't think it's 'either/or' with DSLR and mirro-less, but both. People in this forum have been writing about both for years. Yes a DSLR is the more popular and should probably be offered first. Ricoh/Pentax already makes MILCs - the only debate is about what form makes for successful business.

I get that Ricoh has fairly successful mirrorless in the GXR.  I'm not sure I'd call the K-01 a market experiment by Pentax that will make them interested in pouring even more R&D money in a newer, fancier FF K-02 (or whatever) but with a completely new lens mount.  With all the items in desperate need of updating in the Pentax DSLR lineup, i.e., lenses, flashes, even moving bodies off of the 16 mp Exmor sensor, it doesn't seem particularly wise for them to make a commitment to yet another market segment in the form of an MILC.  Especially not one with an all new lens mount and lenses.  That sounds like wishful thinking at best.

I don't know whether you've spent a lot of time looking at the Sony A7s. The A7r is generating a lot of interest as a camera that offers D800e IQ in a much smaller package and at two thirds of the price. It won't suit those that that need DSLR performance, but there are a lot of people from right across the brands who're indicating that they'll buy one. My point isn't to discuss the Sonys here in the Pentax Forum, but to highlight that the concept of FF mirror-less is actually very popular with a sector of the market, even if not yourself. I acknowledge that you don't like EVFs - you've made that clear - but they're not a deal breaker for buyers who are prepared to trade OVFs for much smaller size and weight. To me as a long distance hiker and landscape enthusiast, and to anyone else who values light kit, FF mirror-less offers a lot.

It remains to be seen exactly how popular the A7 and A7R will be.  The RX1 wasn't exactly a hit.  The NEX cameras I guess sell OK, but I'm not sure moving to FF is enough to make something like the FF NEX a huge seller.  Besides that I'm not sure Ricoh/Pentax have the kind of financial resources that a Sony has.  Besides that Sony already offers APS-C and FF DSLTs in Alpha mount. Pentax only has the one APS-C system with an aging lens lineup, i.e. tons of screw driven lenses in need of update and a high number of missing focal lengths.

But I'm not saying that FF mirrorless doesn't offer value to a certain market, it's more that Pentax has other priorities and is possibly too small a company to address them all.

As an aside, I don't understand your comment that it made zero sense to make a 645D and no FF. The 645D had no competition at its price point. There was none at all. FF DSLRs had and still have very heavy competition. Any concept of an upgrade path from APSC or FF in relation to the 645D is nonsense. They're very different markets with a different set of difficulties for any new entrant.

I get why Pentax makes the 645D, it's the digital version of their superb 645 film camera.  It's an absolutely fantastic camera, I that I'd love to own.  Perhaps I didn't explain myself well, I'm really happy that Pentax released the 645D, it was a smart move.  What I don't understand is why Pentax skipped FF when a number of their lenses, including a quite a few that they have discontinued not too long ago, are FF lenses.

I'm not sure what made them decide several years ago to concentrate on APS-C DSLRs when Nikon, Canon and Sony all released FF DSLRs, but I think the time to produce a proper FF DSLR has long since passed.

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That was my point.  Pentax skipped FF, and with fairly inexpensive cameras like the Nikon D610 and Canon 6D, the so-called "entry-level FF DSLR" category is where a lot of the action in the advanced enthusiast segment is going.

FF...FF...FF. We want FF, we want FF.  

Cheers, Markus

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