The lure of Full Frame.... These go to Eleven!

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The lure of Full Frame.... These go to Eleven!

FF is here now in a sexy duo of mirrorless Sony cameras aimed squarely at the DSLR audience which is dominated by Nikon and Canon. The real puzzler is why these cameras have appeal in a market dominated by point and shoot graduates i.e. the mirrorless market? Many mirrorless users have never held a full frame camera much less owned one. But for some reason the desire is there.

Is it because of a need for higher resolution images? Well a 12 mpix APS sensor can easily produce a 16x20 print, and will go 20x30" with a little effort. So one would think that increased pixel count is not really needed as a 16 mpix sensor is common. A 16mpix APS sensor can produce stunning 20x30" enlargements in the hands of an novice with little knowledge, so what more do we need?

Is it because many shooters miss the 35mm format? Highly doubtful as many have never bought a roll of film, and full frame digital cameras started at $4000 until recently. There is no opportunity to miss something you never had. But here may suggest an answer.... something they never had.

There is something very alluring about the desire for something exotic, and expensive. Something that was unobtainable that is now within reach. Are full frame cameras desirable because they were unobtainable until recently?

Logically this argument is silly, but that does not mean it is false. I honestly believe that the majority of digital camera owners do not utilize the pixels they have, so why would they need an expensive toy like the A7R? The answer is simple, because!

I may get many well reasoned logical explanations discussing why a full frame camera is critical to the lives of many. And I am sure many A7 buyers will use the camera often with great joy. So it is an expensive distraction that many can afford, so maybe the question becomes why not spend 2k on a full frame camera!

For those truly needing an answer to the question, "do I need a full frame camera?", the simple answer is generally no. The APS sized sensor captures images just as a full frame sensor does with some minor DOF differences and a smaller sensor. The 16 or 24 mpix APS sized images can easily enlarge beyond what most shooters will ever have printed. So we do not NEED full framed sensors and there are some disadvantages to bigger sensors.

I do not expect to influence any potential Sony full frame buyers.

It comes down to size! Full frame is bigger!

"These go to eleven." Nigel Tufnel

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