Yet *another* XZ-1 lens copycat!

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Re: Oh God

Ben O Connor wrote:

Everyone is agreed on that; XZ-1 is the most succesfull P&S Enthusiast cam that Olympus brought... but now it start to feel disturbingly succesfull...

Same optical system existed over 3 years under the same brand´s roof.... and sold to two other producers? I guess Olympus earns more from licencing than product sales on P&S market.

Stylus 1 just arrived on a right time. Seems like Olympus becoming the top 3 brand in P&S cams (Together with sony & fujifilm) For me Oly is on top... but for others it may vary.

I personally think that Biggest 2 SLR makers (don´t want to say best brands.) more concentreate on DSLR´s that their P&S cams are no brainer.



No OG does not stand for Oh God.

I'm going to calll my XZ-1 the OGXZ-1.  All these other creations are his grandchildren.

BTW do we really know if the XZ-1 was really an olympus design or was it perhaps a Sanyo design or some OEM company that has been around town a few times ;p.

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