I have done the unthinkable...

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I have done the unthinkable...

I have done what I would have considered the unthinkable only a few months ago.  I have dumped my Nikon D4, 14-24 mm, 24-70 mm, 70-200 mm VRII, 105 mm VR, SB900, OMD-EM5, 12-35mm Pana, 35-100mm Pana for the EM1 with 12-40.  I have come around full circle.

So, here is the reason why:

I started out with Olympus OM 707 in 1987, moved to Minolta in 1993, then Canon in 1999 with EOS 5, EOS 3, EOS 1v, 1Ds, 1D mark II, mark III, then on to Nikon with the D3 and then D4.  I was very chuffed with my D3 and D4.  Actually quite amazed.  Then, in 2012, few months after the EM5 came out, I bought it with the lenses mentioned about. I bought them for travelling light and to replace my Nikon V1.  Little did I know that the little camera and its Pana lenses were almost a match for the D4 in good lighting.  I would say 80% match.  I have had some images with it that could have come from the D4.  Increasingly I found myself using the EM5 over the D4 for its amazingly compact dimensions.   When the EM1 came out and a Pro lens range roadmap was laid out by Olympus, and realising that the weight of the Nikon kit was some much more difficult to log around compared the m43 system, I decided to make the full switch.

In summary, here are my reasons for switching:

1- The D4 system was too heavy to carry around

2- Excellent quality lenses for the m43 are so much cheaper

3- The EM1 system will give me 80% of the Nikon image quality in good lighting.  While in low light there is no contest between the two, I don't do much of it and if I ever needed to, I would use a much lower ISO with the excellent IBIS system of the Olympus.

4- While I used to do a lot of air show photography, I don't anymore. And for CAF, I understand the EM1 PD focus tracking is acceptably good (though admittedly I haven't yet tested it).

5- There was a lot of value locked in my Nikon system, and selling it has paid for the EM1 + grip and 12-40 and paid off a large amount of debt.

So, I have indeed come around full circle - back to Olympus where I started out.

To complete my system, I plan on getting the 60mm Oly macro (hope it matches the Nikon 105mm), the yet to be released 40-150 mm Pro, and the yet to be announced super wide angle zoom pro.  I already have the oly 75mm f1.8.  I also need to get a good flash to match the SB900.  Any suggestions?

Now in terms of built quality, the EM1 and 12-40 are easily a match for the Nikon D4 and 24-70.  Subjectively, I actually think the 12-40 is better built that the 24-70.  The EM1 is a joy to use and the customisation is comprehensive.  Its ease of use is as good, if not better that the D4.

I am sure I will miss my Nikon system at some point in time, but I will never miss its size and weight.

There it is, all laid bear ...



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