New X-E1 query

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Re: New X-E1 query

Hi, thanks for all the replies, and apologies for not acknowledging them sooner, the wifi is not too clever where I am
Took your advice and rang B & H, really helpful did a trace on the serial no and confirmed it wasn't associated with any other order. I've no reason to doubt the guy as he did offer to replace if I wasn't happy and it was wrapped in a sealed bag with a Fuji sticker
I did use a formatted card, but it is possible that in my haste to try out my new toy, I forgot to re format it the Fuji and had just reformatted it in my much used Nikon and this could have threw out the numbering ?
Anyway, loving the camera, love the way you see what you get with regards ev adjustments through the viewfinder. Just need to work out why it keeps crashing when I use the built in flash. Think a search of this forum and perhaps another thread to see if anyone else has had the same problem

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