Nikon A...any reason why you cannot keep it set to the Macro

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Re: Thanks as Always Ray! If you could give you your technique and one more

Thanks, I must confess this and the Sony RX100 are my first AF cameras and I still struggle to use it. I must thank you for the advice to use non-Macro mode as I really suffered from the sluggish AF performance of the camera. I still hesitate if I need the camera. Recently I traveled to Africa for a project I am running and I took with me the A and the Sony 5n with 50 summicron lens. Last time I took the 5n with the VC 15 lens and I enjoyed the wider lens better than the lens of the A. But the image is stunning and the colours are the best I had in any camera I have used (including, I believe, with Leica's own CCD). 
Ray Sachs wrote:

rami wrote:

But do remember to cancel face detraction before using manual focus magnification because there is some very annoying feature that jumps the magnification zone between faces while you are trying to nail a subject.

Thanks. I've never actually used face detection on this camera, but if I ever do, hopefully/maybe I'll be able to remember this! Then again, if I'm using face detection in AF, I probably wouldn't be in zoomed view... Still, good to be aware of.


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