Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

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Re: Why Pentax Need a New Mount Now

6x9 wrote:

There is now a clear trend towards mirrorless cameras with big sensors (APS-C, MFT), as they offer DSLR quality in compact package.

I'm not sure that there's a "clear trend".  A few manufacturers have tried it; notably manufacturers who either had no legacy system or who were having trouble competing with Nikon & Canon with what they had.  (I suppose you could argue that Pentax fits in that bucket along with Sony, but maybe Pentax is less concerned with growing market share than Sony).  The systems were created, they grew, and they sit.  Whether they grow more is questionable.

Current APS-C sensor bodies are comparible in size with 1/1.7"-1/2.3" ones.
>> having a hard time getting "quote" to work right ... anyway, those APS-C sensor bodies that are that compact lack EVFs and are of limited use because of that.
Now we come to the K mount. Pentax K-01 was the first mirrorles with this mount. Although it has a benefit of offereing full compatibility with K-mount lenses (which is great), this camera is clearly off the mainstream as it does not offer similar compact body as competitors.
>> It was clearly off the mainstream, but not because of lack of compactness !  The Canon Rebel SL1 shows what can be done without even abandoning the mirror - it's a bit taller than the K01 due to the VF and a bit deeper due to the grip and the VF eyepiece, but basically a similarly sized camera without the ... unique ... design.  There's room to go smaller without a new lens mount. 

The faster Pentax takes this decision to move to a new mount, the better (but still preserving compatibility with older lenses via a special adaptor).

Then all you do is introduce one more camera into the mirrorless market ... that's a lot of r&d for questionable returns.

- Dennis

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