So this is why wealthy people never tip

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Who are you kidding?

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Interesting study. I can tell you that working class people tip me, but rich people never...

The results of being wealthy

I am surprised that this video did not get more commenting. Especially from the crowd that so smugly likes to insist that the less fortunate are in their position because they are lazy, stupid, dishonest and prone to criminal behavior.

No connection between the video and the statistical fact that poor are more lazy, stupid and prone to criminal behavior.

You are right the study demonstrates how those from households of high incomes are more likely to lie, cheat, steal, take candy reserved for children, break the law and behave condescendingly, smugly, and rudely.

Have you watched to the end? It is not "those from household of high income", it is from feeling rich and powerful, no matter what your real finances (see the experiment with the rigged monopoly game, where who is going to be "rich" was decided by coin toss). It is nothing new really, just well known traits of dominant and submissive behavior. If a person FEELS dominant, then they behave dominant, "condescendingly, smugly, and rudely", take things, tells others what to do etc. If a person feels dominated, weaker, then they act submissively, low voice, hunched posture, giving things rather than taking them. These instincts well predate humans, so no wealth per se is involved, just relative position in a group (including being a leader of a gang of poors). In fact, lack of education and proper manners lets those instincts to show stronger.

That said, please, could you show me a link to the studies that demonstrate the "statistical fact" that the poor are more lazy or stupid.

"large scale longitudinal studies indicate an increase in IQ translates into an increase in performance at all levels of IQ: i.e., that ability and job performance are monotonically linked at all IQ levels. Charles Murray, coauthor of The Bell Curve, found that IQ has a substantial effect on income independently of family background."

I am aware of crime stats, but this study makes a fairly clear case that the rich have no monopoly on honesty or ethics, in fact quite the opposite.

No "monopoly", just statistical fact (meaning it applies to averages among large groups, not to "all" or "any"). And if you awary about crime stats, why tell BS about propensity or rich to break the law or deny that poor are statistically more "prone to criminal behavior"?

Almost every bank in the country, and every banker in the country participated in the criminal scams of mortgage lending. Almost a 100 percent group of criminals.

BS, you have no proof of that.

What you're really saying is that since the government doesn't try them for criminal activity as they would someone who is poor, then their criminal acts don't count.

If it is really criminal, it counts. If the laws were made so it would not be criminal, it is not criminal.

Yes indeed, it is GOOD to be rich.

To a degree. I have read that maximum comfort/happiness is on average actually reached by upper middle class, when you don't have to worry about day-to-day finances already and can afford most pleasures of life, but don't have to worry about your business, security/bodyguards etc.

I suspect it is overgeneralization though, because people are different and reach their optimum at different levels of income.

Firms like countrywide institutionalized falsifying loan applications, and every other bank did the same. And then they ALL engaged in Robo signings for forclosures. Indeed the scandal was so obvious the government had to step in and put a temporary stay on forclosures. In civil trial after civil trial this all came out - Theft on a massive scale.

Not one of the thousands of criminals faced a criminal proceeding. But these muggers were stealing peoples life savings, not shop lifting a stereo...



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