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Re: ... Comparing zoom to primes... the only way to Know !

photozone rated it 3/5 :

" it is capable of delivering decent results although it's nothing to rave about either. The corner quality is a certain Weakness at 18mm specifically at max. aperture and this is also amplified by a fairly Strong Field Curvature here. Stopping down to f/8 is therefore advisable... "

Here are other Photozone ratings (optical performance) for Pentax zooms:
DA*16-50 = 3/5
DA16-45 = 3.5/5
DA18-135 = 1.5/5

So if the kit lens gets 3/5, that pretty much supports the OP's point that it is a good value, especially when compared to much more expensive lenses. FWIW, I've owned 3 versions of the kit lens: the original 18-55 which came with my *istDS in 2005, version II which came with my K200D in 2007, and currently the WR version which I bought separately in 2009, and all 3 have been solid performers. And I own much more expensive glass to compare it with. Let the lens snobs sneer, but I've been able to produce some good work with that lens.

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