Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

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Re: Apple Aperture - best X-Trans raw conversion

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i got my x-e2 yesterday (lovin me some amazon prime next day shipping!), and i'm using the latest ACR beta release to process raws. it seems to do pretty well for the most part, except that it sometimes leaves the most garish magenta tone in shadow areas. i'm curious to see how aperture does with your x-e2 files.

if anyone else is using ACR with the x-e2 - have you noticed this phenomenon? it's easy enough to work around, but it's a little shocking, especially with skin tones (my 'new camera mirror selfie' looked like i'd reanimated a diseased corpse!).

I found the same thing - especially when you adjust WB in Lightroom. How are you working around it?

i drag the hue toward green until the magenta cast disappears (which it does fairly rapidly) and open into photoshop. then, once in photoshop, i open the camera raw filter - this opens the standard ACR window again but with all the sliders zeroed out. i then slide the hue back toward magenta to reverse the overall green cast from the previous step.

it's a bit kludgy, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

this is s a photoshop-specific fix though - not sure what you would do in LR.

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