XP1 or XE2

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Re: XP1 or XE2

Felix11 wrote:

I bought the X-Pro1 last week.

One thing I have discovered is that if you wear glasses the 14mm eye point of the X-Pro1 is too short and you cannot completely see all of the info in the view finder (optical and electronic).

If this will affect you get the X-E2 or wait to see if the X-Pro2 has a longer eye-point.

X-Pro1 14mm
X-E1 23mm
X-E2 23mm

X-100 15mm
X-100s 15mm

However, since they improved the eye point on the X-E but not X-Pro1 or X100s then maybe the hybrid viewfinder isn't suited to a longer eye point.

Same here.  Came from a Pentax K5 which I couldn't use glasses with but since the change I now always wear my glasses when taking photographs, no problems.

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