Canon's #1 current picture quality problem...

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Canon's #1 current picture quality problem...

Chromatic aberrations.

It just seems that in an attempt to lower the prices, something has to give and more and more chromatic aberrations have been creeping in their whole line.

From the lower end to the higher.. and inexcusable at the higher end considering the prices you pay.

I was looking at the S50... awesome detail except when you get say trees and a strong daylight behind- boom- there goes the quality of the image.

To many this is a non-issue as you don't notice it.

I had a chance to check out a Minolta F300 recently and it really doesn't have that issue (it has others though).

If Canon friking fixed this, they would have impecable image quality, I think.

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If the S50 didn't have this issue, like the cameras before it, I would strongly would consider buying one right now.

  • Raist

S230 owner, waiting for Fuji F700.

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